About Us

Mission Statement

Connellsville Area Community Ministries is an extension of the church to all hurting people needing support in life’s development and the struggle to obtain justice and a healthful life grounded in God’s love.


The incident that “sparked” the establishment of Connellsville Area Community Ministries was the unfortunate fire of 1968 that burned down the Central Methodist Church in Connellsville. Although this fire was devastating for many, the insurance money from the fire was used to begin a community ministry program that would focus on helping the elderly, assisting the poor, and those lacking employable skills following the lead of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As the Ministry began to flourish, it’s location was moved from the Community Center to the old McCrory’s building on West Crawford Ave. The current space accompanies a larger area for the Ministry to service those in need, along with a conveyor belt system to move items from one floor to another.

Over the years, the Ministry has been blessed with leaders who have greatly contributed to the overall success of the Ministry:

  • Rev. Geroge Shultzabarger (1974 – 1978)
  • Rev. Gerald Witt (1978 – 1996)
  • Rev. Terry Guiste (1996 – 2010)
  • Rev. Shawn Goodwin (2010 – 2012)
  • Rev. Douglas Johnson and Rev. Charles Prevot (2012 – 2013)
  • Chip Rowan (2013-2017)
  • Rita Smith (2018 – 2019)
  • Rob Reamer (2020 – 2023)
  • Dana Check (2023-Present)

Board of Directors

Barry Craig

Rick Fike
Vice President

Kevin Ghost

Rev. Matt Goldsberry

John Huey

Robin Kennison

Rev. Robert Kifer

Rev. Steve Lamb

Bob Lubic

Amy Price

Patty Relovsky

Marilyn Weaver

Timothy Witt

Rev. Robert Zilhaver